Press conference on Friday (Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Renault)

Team Leader: Flavio Briatore (Renault), Ron Dennis (McLaren), Stefano Domenicali (Ferrari) and Mario Theissen (BMW Sauber).

Q: To all of you. In light of the final weekend, could you assess the performances of his team and the two title contenders this season …
Mario Theissen: I am happy with how the rest of this season, the results and the performance of my team. Before its onset, we set ourselves two objectives: first – to join or intervene in the eternal struggle for the title of the two teams and make it a triple. Judging by the standings, we have achieved it.

And the second – to win the first race, which was also done in Canada, where Robert and Nick came to the finish line double. Our pilots are eleven times on the podium, while last season it was only twice, so that the whole team did a great job. I am proud of my guys. Given the excellent reliability, good race strategy and work on pit stops, we have laid a solid foundation for next season.

FB: We are pleased with the final part of the season – two wins and a podium, but as for the first half, nothing pleasant to the mind does not come. The car was not completely ready for the championship, just so we had a very hard work to improve its already over the course of the competition. In this regard, Fernando loaded all the great motivation.

It would be nice if the championship started just now, but unfortunately this is the final race. At the moment I have mixed feelings, however, pleased to finish the season strongly, thereby laying the foundation for the next one. It seems we have been able to find a way to improve the car and it's great.

The team does not survive the crisis, such as that which was in 2006. We are pleased that the season ends for us on a high note and hopefully a new start in the same way.

Ron Dennis: We spent this season in a fairly competitive manner. Yes, there were ups and downs, but overall, our results speak for themselves. We continue to lay claim to two world titles.

Given that in the individual competition we are in a stronger position on it, and we focus at the moment most of all – try to be very disciplined, do not risk it. Our task – to simply reach the finish line and win the title.

It's no secret that for the sake of this goal, the team sacrificed the Constructors' Cup, in which we are not particularly sharpens its focus, but overall we are happy. This year the whole team was charged to success and we have every reason to believe that McLaren will be competitive again next year.

Stefano Domenicali: I think I can repeat 90% of what Ron said. The only difference is that Ferrari conversely more concentrated in the Constructors' Championship, however, we will do our best to Felipe, throughout the season battling Lewis.

The championship proved our words, we are constantly repeated in the beginning – it is such a tough competition and we had predicted. Summarizing, we can always say that the team would perform better or worse.

But overall, I note that we again came to Brazil to fight for the championship crown. This is an incredible result in the history of Formula 1. The fate of almost every title is decided in the final race, and it's great.

Q: Another question everything. This year there were a lot of talk about reducing costs. Is it vital to the team and how about this?
Mario Theissen: You know, that FOTA is a priority issue. We work in a constructive manner, we are preparing a package of proposals that will support all the teams – both large and small. We consider all needs and I am sure that in the near future, develop a common proposal for all urgent issues, technical and sporting regulations.

Q: Flavio, you said that would reduce the number of tests …
FB: I hold the same position as that of Mario. Everyone wants to cut costs, which is why we work together. All the teams unanimously agreed that to reduce the costs of both the technical and sporting points of view to take appropriate action. For us – this is a priority.

The situation in global markets makes it to, because Formula 1 is directly dependent on the state of the economies of major countries, which is why We worked very hard, as quickly as possible to find a solution. Already, the association of teams (FOTA) has formed a unanimous position, its next meeting will be held November 4 in London. I think everyone interested in the solution of this problem and our common task – as soon as possible to form the same set of proposals and submit them to FIA.

Q: Ron, do you think?
Ron Dennis: First of all, let me say that when speaking on the topic, each of us uses the word unity. And rightly so, because we have one goal. Just like the rest of the team, we stick to one position – spending cuts will benefit all, that's why all the teams working together.

We are focused on next season, namely the development of a single agreement which would allow to significantly reduce costs for all teams, especially for the little ones.

Now we are focused on finding common solutions for future changes, this also applies to engines and chassis, and all other nodes in the machine. As correctly noted by Flavio and Mario, our goal is – to put forward specific proposals, which would be supported by all participants in the championship.

SD: I support the creation of a single sport and Technical Commission, which you can discuss all the pressing issues, but most importantly, that this discussion is very constructive and it is in this spirit that we are going to work on.

This is a great place where we can directly express their position, because let's not forget that we have for the first time in history in a situation

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