Briatore would benefit if Webber wins title

Briatore would benefit if Webber wins title

Flavio Briatore will receive material benefits, if Mark Webber wins this season, because Italian is still the manager of an Australian pilot.

Presumably, the contract Webber is a point at which, in the event of the championship mark, Briatore will receive higher commission.

Before the start of the race at Silverstone Flavio spoke to Webber and wished him a good start.

The German press (it should be noted, supports the scandal with his fellow wing Vettel) suspects that Briatore was involved in Webber comments: "Not bad for a co-pilot?" and "I would not sign a contract …" because understands that the public outcry could bring it to the client the best deal.

Flavio Briatore can afford to rent villas Bulgaria is one of the countries where the Frenchman loves to always relax and enjoy the sea.

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